Excellent Clothing Manufacturer Over 20 Years
Lanwo has expanded from a modest warehouse of 80 square feet to a manufacturing workshop of 6300 square feet after more than 20 years of growth. From 5 tailors in the start, the company has grown to over 260 people now. From a single local market to an international market. Customers have praised our firm for its exceptional quality. Our factory offers a one-stop shop service. We have a skilled production team. Allow your manufacturing schedule to become more efficient and quicker. Allow your brand to get more attention.

We currently have a Sedex ISO9001 ,SGS ,TUV accreditation. Our company's key departments are as follows: production department, sample department, buying department, quality department, and trade department. Each department rigorously follows the production standards needed by the client for each customer with whom we operate, so that each product meets the criteria required by the customer. Our mission is to make our clients happy with our products and services. We want to preserve long-term relationships with our clients and to be a clothing supplier that can reassure them.

If you are ready to start your garment business, if you are looking for a professional garment factory, if you need to optimize your current supply chain, if you want to make your products more competitive, if you want to find a stable partner, if you want to spend the least amount of time developing your garment business, and if you want to find a responsible garment factory .Lanwo will definitely be a right decision.
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Why Choose Lanwo
As a high quality clothing manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the garment industry. We get a lot of experience with men and women clothing manufacturing. We can help our customers create the best production plan possible, reducing their production cycle and costs while lowering their potential production risks. These hidden cost savings can boost your profit margin and make your products more competitive in the marketplace, allowing you to gain market share.

In the garment industry, quality is a common issue, and ensuring the quality of each garment is the most important job in our factories. To keep the production process of every order and every garment under our control, we use a digital production process system. We have quality inspectors assigned to each step of the garment production process in order to detect potential quality issues early and minimize them.

One of our characteristics is a sense of responsibility. We are committed to safeguarding our customers' rights and interests in order to protect our company's reputation. Allow more customers to want to work with Lanwo and develop a close relationship, allow more customers to learn about us, and make your garment business easier. We look forward to hearing from you!
Your Trust Clothing Supplier

When you find the right supplier. It can save you more time, get your project moving faster than expected and get your product to market earlier. Especially in the fashion industry, time is profit.A point we can easily overlook which An efficient and error-free cooperation can double your profits.

One Stop Solution Clothing Factory
Why Choose the Right Custom Clothing Manufacturers?
This is a very important issue and choosing a good clothing factory plays a vital role in the success of your clothing brand. When you are in the early stage of your wholesale business, there will always be some troubling things and your work progresses relatively slowly. A good garment factory can provide you with a lot of informative advice, reduce the occurrence of mistakes, and also support you to start with small quantity orders and reduce your capital risk. When you are on a steady rise in your business and your orders are growing fast, a good garment factory can fulfill your bulk clothing orders quickly and on time and guarantee the quality of every product you order, so you can win more repeat customers and get high ratings on your website. When your brand becomes very successful, we can provide you with a one-stop service to help you with product design to finished products, giving you more time to run your brand. One of the most important things, choosing a reliable supplier is a mutually beneficial choice. It is something that will keep your business going.

Do you desire a favorable offer

>>>We all wish to find reasonably priced clothing factories, but how do we determine whether the factory's price is reasonable? Indeed, the cost of clothing is divided into four major components: the cost of fabrics and accessories, the cost of printing and embroidery, the labor cost of sewing, and the logistics cost. Three of these variables have a significant impact on cost. The first is the quantity of the order; this is the most important factor; the price of 1000 pieces is not the same as the price of 100 pieces. Second, are you a stickler for high-end fabrics? Numerous mature businesses will opt for less expensive fabrics instead. The third factor to consider is whether the supplier is a foreign trade company or a factory.

>>>Additionally, as a result of the epidemic's impact, global freight rates are increasing, and logistics costs are increasing as well. As a result, you must plan your order in advance. Select the more cost-effective mode of transportation via sea.

How to avoid some common matter
How to avoid some common matter >>>Are you frustrated because you receive a product that isn't what you expected, resulting in a significant time investment? In fact, sticking to one principle can help us avoid a lot of problems like this. We had a previous Canadian customer whose family owned a golf equipment company. This is his first foray into the streetwear clothing industry. He had extremely high standards for clothing quality. Because the previous factories had failed to meet his quality standards, he came to ours. As a result, he was extremely pleased with our hoodies products, and we flawlessly completed his order from the initial sample to the final production of the large goods. He was overjoyed.
This important principle states that you must first have a very detailed technical package, that you must confirm the samples 100 percent before beginning production, and that every place on the clothes must be confirmed to be correct before beginning large-scale production.
>>>This important principle states that you must first have a very detailed technical package, that you must confirm the samples 100 percent before beginning production, and that every place on the clothes must be confirmed to be correct before beginning large-scale production.
More Reason Work with Lanwo
Strong Production Capacity
Strong Production Capacity
Our monthly production capacity ranges from 100 to 200 thousand pieces. We've worked with well-known brands before. We can quickly determine your requirements.
Strict Quality Control
Strict Quality Control
Our factory's survival is dependent on quality. It's the faith our clients have in us.It is imperative that we keep it in mind at all times.
Low Moq 100 piece
Low Moq 100 piece
Small orders are encouraged to reduce inventory risk. Make it simple for you to start your business. This is extremely popular these days.
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