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   Are you stumped because you can't seem to find a reputable garment manufacturer? Do you have concerns that the factory will not accept small orders? Are you hesitant to customize because of the high cost? Are you frustrated because the factory you've found is unable to meet your customization needs? Are you concerned about a long delivery time or even order loss? Do you continue to be concerned about the low quality of customized clothing? These are the issues we frequently face.

Especially for those who are just starting their business. You will often be troubled by these problems. If you don't have the right way to solve it. It will very much affect the progress of your whole project, maybe more serious will make you have the idea of giving up. Lanwo is a garment factory with 20 years of experience. So how does she assist her customers to solve these problems? Our company has also grown from a small workshop. We understand the challenges that a start-up business encounters. There is a lack of product expertise, and one person needs to do a lot of work. No professional team. No way to identify the quality of the product. Pay a lot of time and money. End up receiving a bunch of products with quality problems. This is simply going to drive people crazy.

    Lanwo encourages customers to order small quantities in order to alleviate financial stress. So that you can easily begin your clothing business. If you're lucky, you'll be able to see the most popular styles. Then your sales will skyrocket. As a new entrepreneur, we need to find a factory that can accommodate our small orders. It is possible to reduce the risk of your investment. You can get more bang for your buck by spending the same amount of money. In the clothing industry, there is a saying. The hot styles are crucial to the success of your store. To meet the hottest styles, you'll need a little luck.
    Concerning the cost of samples. Is one of the most important things to us. Many of our new sellers, in particular, have little experience in the clothing industry. You will be perplexed by the clothing sample fee. Why do we only need about $20 to purchase a piece of clothing, but $80 to purchase samples? This is due to the sample manufacturing process. Mold removal costs are common in many of our locations. Mold removal is actually quite expensive. The printing, embroidery, and pattern-making processes all require mold opening, and each mold opening costs around $50. As a result, the cost of a sample of our clothing will exceed many customers' psychological expectations. However, Lanwo offers a policy that is extremely advantageous to our customers. That is, if the quantity of your order meets our requirements, we can provide free samples.

    There is also a major issue, which is one of quality. Some suppliers charge $5 for the same clothing, while others charge $10. How should we make our decision? If you expect high-quality products and services, you don't want to be disappointed. I recommend that you do not go with the cheapest supplier. They can't guarantee anything else because they can only make you happy with the price. Because we are a cross-border trade, we must carefully consider our operations. Our costs include the cost of the product, the cost of time, and the cost of logistics. If we only focus on one of the factors and ignore the other two, we will miss out on a lot of good opportunities; You could have gotten a lot more market share, but due to product quality issues, you only got a small percentage. Many customers have had similar experiences and do not want to be subjected to poor service and quality in the future. Then they discovered how to make the best decision, which was to choose us once more.

You can avoid these issues if you read this article. When you choose Lanwo, you can rest assured that we will adhere to our high quality standards, ensuring that more customers receive satisfactory service and that their expectations are met.

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