Our Story

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Update time : 2018-04-03 11:08:00
  "The ignorant are fearless", "opportunity" and "God rewards diligence"are very suitable for summarizing our Lanwo.
    When the founder of our factory began working in the garment industry in 2002, she was only 15 years old and unable to continue her education due to her family's financial difficulties, she went to Humen, Dongguan, a world-renowned garment manufacturing center, on her own. Then she used her evenings and weekends off from work to learn the art of paper pattern making, and she worked her way up the ladder from pattern maker to production manager, until she knew every aspect of the garment manufacturing process like the back of her hand. When the opportunity arose in 2009, she led a group of five employees to establish their own garment manufacturing company in order to improve living conditions for her family. However, the market competition is harsh, and the company initially encountered numerous difficulties, including several instances where money to pay the rent was not available. In order to live up to the expectations of customers and the expectations of the family, the company had to overcome all of these difficulties by persevering, which it eventually did.

  During more than ten years of continuous development, Lanwo has advanced from the beginning of the domestic market to the global market, from the beginning of a single category to the back of a full range of clothing, from the beginning of five tailors to the development of more than 260 production staff, gradually winning the praise and affection of customers. We always put the customer first, complete orders on time, reduce order delivery times, and resolve the most pressing issues that customers are concerned about. We offer our customers more competitive products as a result of our efforts. Customer satisfaction is Lanwo's top priority, and helping customers win more market share is the company's ultimate goal. Lanwo is a garment supplier that is deserving of your business.