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Quality is an indication of a product's worth in the growth of a company. Product quality is also crucial for clothing businesses. And, since quality is a common issue in garment manufacturing, our garment manufacturers' most essential task is to assure the quality of each garment. We employ a computerized production process system in our production so that we can keep track of every order and every step of the garment manufacturing process. We have quality inspectors for each stage of the garment manufacturing process so that we can spot any quality issues early and reduce them.

We will present a brief and easy to understand introduction to how we carry out the garment product control process on this page; if you want to learn more about the necessary information, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will provide you with consulting services.

Lanwo's quality control in production consists of overseeing and controlling product quality through first inspection, inspection, and final inspection. We will have relevant staff check and verify the materials used and the equipment to be used during the first inspection. Our management and quality control personnel will conduct random checks on the products during the inspection control to ensure that they are produced according to the production plan. Our final inspectors will focus on the end products and check the finished products by lot number during the final inspection control. We can control product quality in a timely manner during the manufacturing process and avoid quality problems to the greatest extent possible by following these steps.

We will check every process of product production, and we will carefully check every production step of production and never be sloppy when performing product quality control to ensure the manufacturing process, process quality, and product quality. During the production preparation stage, for example, we will perform routine maintenance and debugging on each piece of production equipment to avoid poor product quality due to faulty equipment. When we carry out production, we will inspect and measure items like fabrics, lining, and color matching between different materials and items used in garment production, as well as check the quality of raw and auxiliary materials for garments. We also have professional staff to conduct spot checks on the products produced, supervise and check the entire process for the products from the beginning to the end of the workshop, and provide timely feedback on production information in order to ensure the production quality of our products.

The quality control of the manufacturing process is an important component of the enterprise quality assurance system, and it is a quality management mode that applies to all of the company's manufacturing activities. It has a direct link to the enterprise product production process, which includes planning, supply, and marketing, as well as equipment, technology, quality inspection, and other departments, as well as the entire production system, which includes a wide range of. Even though we have completed the entire process of product quality control during the garment manufacturing process, there will inevitably be some deviations. If there is a minor error in the order's completion, please inform us as soon as possible, and we will correct it as soon as possible.

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