Take to You Know Hoodie

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Update time : 2022-05-26 11:55:58
Do you know the definition of hoodie?
    Here’s how Wikipedia explains it---Hoodies (sometimes spelled hoody and also known as hooded sweatshirts) are sweatshirts with hoods.Hoodies typically have a muff attached to the lower front and a drawstring to adjust the hood opening. It typically covers the head, neck, and sometimes the face. According to the definition provided by Wikipedia, hoodies are a type of casual clothing that can be the worn men, women, and children. Oftentimes, particularly in streetwear, there are very cool designs. And the hoodie appears to be like denim in that it will never go out of style and is many people's first choice when purchasing casual clothing or streetwear. Numerous entrepreneurs who have recently launched their clothing lines will release new hoodie products with their designs. The greater the clothing's design sense, the more customers it will attract.
    Hoodies come in a variety of fabrics, but the most popular is terry and fleece. Typically, terry is made entirely of cotton, whereas fleece is made of a mix of cotton and polyester. However, fleece is softer and thicker to the touch than terry. When selecting fabrics, we must pay close attention to the fabric's weight. The thicker the fabric, the heavier the weight. The terry cloths range in thickness from 250 grams to 500 grams. The thicker the fabric is, the more expensive it is. Use 250-320 grams of terry cloth for a summer style. Autumn and winter clothing weighs more than 360 grams. The plus flannel weighs only 320 to 380 grams, and there are few fabric component options. 50 percent cotton, 50 percent polyester, and 80 percent cotton, 20 percent polyester are the most popular. Because the higher the percentage of polyester in a garment, the easier it is for it to pill and wrinkle. Terry cloth is the best choice if you want a piece of clothing that will not pill, but pure cotton fabrics are usually more expensive than cotton-polyester blends.
    The hoodies on the market today are mainly divided into the following categories: zipper hoodies, crewneck hoodies(also called sweatshirts), sleeveless hoodies, blank hoodies, and oversized hoodies. Next, let me introduce them to you separately, so that those who have just started their brands can better understand hoodies so they can find good hoodie manufacturers.
Zipper hoodie
The zippered hoodies are divided into ordinary and full zippered styles. The ordinary style is that the zipper length is from the hem to a point below the neck, while the full zippered hoodie is directly from the hem to the head. A zippered hoodie is like a jacket or coat, but the fabric used is the same as a hoodie. Many people also use a zippered hoodie as a jacket because it is very convenient to wear. And this style can also have a very special design on the zipper, usually, our zipper will be the same color as the clothes, but some customers have very novel ideas, they will make the color of the zipper clothes completely different, and this kind of collocation is often very able to grab people's attention. And our zipper also supports customization, you can choose the head you like or customize the zipper head you like. If you choose a custom zipper, it will take a very long time. The short one may be several months, and the long one may even take more than half a year. Therefore, many people who have an idea about this will start looking for a hoodie manufacturer to customize the zipper long in advance.
Crewneck hoodie
A round-neck hoodie is a dress without a hood. This type of hoodie is very popular in Australia, New Zealand, and other places. The main products of much famous casual wear are this kind of round neck set. The collar of the crew neck hoodie is usually made of ribbed fabric, and the designers of some brands will design the ribbed neckline as a mock neck so that the collar can fit closely to our neck. The ribbed fabric is customizable, you can choose to customize different colors, stripes, and even your logo. There is another style of round neck clothes that is very popular recently---half zipper style, usually, a zipper is added in the middle of the neckline, the length of the zipper depends on the customer's requirements, if the customer is not sure about the length, the hoodie is made The Chamber of Commerce chooses the most suitable length based on its own experience. The zipper of this kind of clothes usually does not choose the same color as the clothes. For example, the charcoal clothes choose the gun color zipper. Designers often have their ideas.
Sleeveless hoodie
Sleeveless hoodies are usually used in summer. Many customers like the fabric and style of hoodies very much, but they are afraid of the heat and will design this sleeveless hoodie. It is no different from ordinary hoodies, but the designer will use their careful thinking on the cuffs, and some sleeveless hoodies will have frills on the cuffs, which are more suitable for female customers. Some will make the cuffs of the hoodies very large. This is usually a men's style. Male customers will buy this kind of clothes to wear to the gym. Because the cuffs are large, they are not worried about being very hot, and they can also show themselves well. 's body. It will soon be summer in the United States, and many buyers have already begun to make a move. The sooner they launch new products, the more customers they can attract. And hoodie makers will also have a peak production season.
Blank hoodie
Solid color hoodies are the target of many large buyers or small brands with their printing, embroidery, and other machines. Because their domestic costs are higher and the quality is not well guaranteed, they will choose to import solid-color hoodies from China or other Southeast Asian countries. Smaller brands with their machines usually buy less because their customer base is unstable, and if they order too much, they will lose money if they can't sell. Large-scale buyers purchase a very large amount each time, and some even need to buy containers. This customer is often the most wanted customer of every hoodie manufacturer. There is nothing very special about a solid color hoodie, and if you want to sell this hoodie, the only thing that sets you apart from others is the color. A lot of customers who buy this type of hoodie tend to be very obsessed with the color because they want a very different color, if you are too, you can ask your hoodie supplier to provide you with a different color card to choose from your best color. Love the color, and the color cards they provide are usually free. Only after getting the color card can you see the true color of the fabric. There are often color differences in photos and videos.