Give you more information about the salesman.

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Update time : 2022-06-08 10:05:53
    How many garment manufacturer you have? Are you have a good relation with them? Curious what they do every day? Do they sometimes take a long time to reply you?Today's article will show your the real every day life about the garment manufacturer.  
    When our salespeople wake up in the morning, the first thing they do is check to see if the customer has responded to their message. Because of the time difference between us and other countries, many times when customers chat with us, it is actually in the evening or early morning in China. Some salesmen will chat with customers all night to avoid losing customers, just to improve their relationship with them or win orders. And, regardless of their physical condition, they will report to work on time, which is probably why so many people who want to start their businesses choose China as a supplier. The salesman will go to the factory first after arriving at the company to see if the bulk or samples of their customers have been completed or if there is any problem before having breakfast. If it's almost finished, the salesperson will be delighted to inform the customer. If it's the other way around, the salesperson will be under a lot of stress. If the problem is unsolvable, the salesperson must communicate with the customer. The customer is very likely to lose his cool and lash out at the salesperson at this point. If the problem can be solved, the manufacturer will usually not communicate with the customer and will solve it by the company itself but this will almost certainly lengthen delivery times, which is why many customers place large orders with suppliers, but delivery times have been uncertain.

   In China, the afternoon and evening are equivalent to the morning in Europe. Our salesmen will contact European customers, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and others, at this time to provide updates on the bulk cargo or sample progress. Despite this, the afternoon is not as busy as the morning because many foreigners prefer not to take care of work as soon as they wake up. In this situation, the salesperson may order takeout or snacks and come to work while relaxing, as this is a rare free moment. The order of clothing, whether a sample or a bulk order, is time-consuming because many details must be confirmed with the customer, and some processes do not support the customer's idea. Communication with the customer may take a long time in this case, due to the time difference. It will take 5-7 days to confirm sample information. Even if it is confirmed, there may be issues with sample preparation, such as color differences. In this case, you could send the color card to the customer along with the sample, and then choose the color in bulk based on the color that the customer confirmed after receiving the color card. Customers who have worked in this industry for a long time will be able to quickly solve this issue if it arises. They can explain the incident and offer solutions in a few words, and customers have a lot of faith in such professional salesmen. Therefore, it is said that having free afternoon tea time is rare. In many cases, salespeople will not allow themselves time to rest. They will take the initiative to develop customers if they do not need to follow up with customers for the time being. For instance, Instagram, Facebook, Google, and other social media platforms. There are many ways to develop customers, but winning this customer's order is particularly difficult, and it necessitates patience and perseverance. Our salesmen have been working hard because the road to success is not always easy.

    When a customer sends us an inquiry, we usually judge whether the customer is a real customer based on the customer information displayed in the background, because many new international frauds have started this way in recent years. As a result, we may occasionally ask customers for information, and some customers may believe that the manufacturer is conducting an investigation or infringing on their privacy, which is not the case. After confirming that the customer is a legitimate buyer, we'll ask them a product-related question, such as "Do you want stock or custom?" "Do you need custom your logo?" "Do you have any requirements about fabric?" etc. It will begin to enter the negotiation stage after understanding the customer's basic needs. Only one person may be conversing with the customer at this time. The customer may be chatting with several people if the price negotiation or white-hot stages are carried out! Because price negotiation is always the most difficult part of trade negotiations, buyers will always bargain, and sellers must stick to their own cost and profit defense lines, so a price negotiation appears to be a dialogue between two people, but it is a dialogue between two teams. And contrary to popular belief, price negotiations rarely result in a win-win situation, which is the ideal situation. Because of price negotiations, some salesmen will keep in touch with customers for a long time, ranging from a few months to a few years.

    Some customers have only recently launched their brands and are still unknown about fashion. Our salesmen will usually explain all types of clothing knowledge patiently while chatting with customers at this time, and will also give some suggestions according to the customer's needs and budget. Some customers might only have a logo, but the salesman is willing to assist our customers to make mockups. Every clothing supplier will have an art designer position, just to make mockups easier for customers, because some customers' designs are more complex, and some customers will ask to imitate a specific brand or what kind of effect the final result will have, an artist is required to assist with the mockups at this time. If it's a simple mockups, it can be completed quickly; however, complicated mockups will take longer. At this point, the salesperson must calm down the customer's anxiety. When the art is finished, the salesperson may ask some questions to try to draw the customer's attention to it. Elsewhere, when the art is finished, the client may be surprised.

    In fact, most salespeople genuinely want to be friends with their clients. They will share bits and pieces of their lives with their customers in the hopes of improving their relationship. After all, it's difficult for salespeople to grasp news from abroad through a single lens. Even if they watch the news every day, they only get one side of the story, whereas what customers display is authentic and real. When a colleague's foreign client shares some interesting things about their life with them, others in our office may be envious, because few clients are willing to share their lives with salespeople, and many clients believe that work is work, and life is life, and the two should be kept separate.